August 12, 2016




The Batesville and Hales Difference….

Batesville caskets represent a unique choice available to families in the United Kingdom.  Different from traditional coffins, Batesville caskets are larger, more substantial vessels made from the finest materials with unique features to help memorialise the lives of loved ones.

Centrally based in Molton Mowbray, Leicestershire, James and Erika Hales with their team at Hales Transport are proud to be the official distributors of Batesville Caskets throughout the United Kingdom.

For over one hundred years, Batesville has manufactured the finest caskets available anywhere in the world.  Of those one hundred years, twenty of these has been committed to United Kingdom’s funeral directors. Batesville are proud of this service.

Batesville’s superior craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and constant innovation have become the hallmarks of the Batesville brand.  Batesville has always taken immense pride in fulfilling the needs of funeral directors as they serve families in their hour of greatest need, and we never forget that each of our products play an important role in representing a precious life of a loved one.  We strive every day to live up to trust placed in us by helping families honour the lives of those they love.©

 Partnering with UK Funeral Directors ….

Batesville takes great care in the manufacturing of each and every casket and are committed to ensuring those products are provided to the family with the highest standards of quality and service.  As part of honouring that commitment, Batesville exclusively sells and distributes its burial caskets through a carefully chosen network – professional funeral directors. Funeral directors have been selected for their ability to provide the right product for each family’s particular situation and information about our exclusive features. For many years, funeral directors have performed to high standards of service in their communities and displayed a comprehensive understanding of our products.

The funeral director’s most important role is serving the family. Making any kind of funeral arrangements involves many choices and decisions. Funeral service professionals give families the information they need to make the right choices. Because they understand families’ needs to consider all available options, funeral directors will fully explain these options and take time to answer any questions.

Why Families Choose Caskets ….

When a loved one dies, families must choose an appropriate container to hold their loved one before, during and after the funeral.  While many families have traditionally chosen coffins for this purpose, another common choice is a casket. Different from traditional coffins, caskets are larger, more substantial vessels made from the finest materials with unique features to help memorialise the life of a loved one.

Caskets are selected for a variety of reasons. Many families choose caskets because of long-standing family traditions.  For some, caskets are appropriate due to a specific religious or ethnic background.  Still other families simply want the very best for their loved-one and feel a casket is the right choice to honour the person they have lost.  If a funeral director does not offer families caskets as part of their normal product range, that funeral director may request a casket from Batesville and have one provided to accommodate even immediate funerals.